As western hunters, we are on a continual search for knowledge to elevate our hunting skillset and more importantly, develop tactics that will improve our success in the backcountry.

The Treeline Academy is dedicated to expanding the educational horizons of the western backcountry enthusiast. Our advanced courses and Map Data Toolkits are complete end-to-end solutions.

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This E-Scouting Elk Course is the most complete end-to-end E-Scouting solution ever assembled. The strategies in this course will give you a real advantage, and dramatically improve your odds of finding more elk!

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These Toolkits are installed directly into Google Earth Pro. These statewide datasets transform Google Earth into the ultimate E-Scouting and Western Hunt planning tool. Six western states are available now!

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Does This Sound Familiar?

  • ​I dream of chasing elk out west, but have no idea where to start looking!
  • ​I've been hunting elk for a few years with​ limited to no success!
  • ​​I have had success elk hunting, but I want to be ​more consistent!

I can assure you I've been in all of these camps!  Over the years I’ve honed and refined my elk-finding solution. In the E-Scouting Elk Course, I share everything I use to pursue elk in multiple states each and every year.

The "NEW" Treeline Google Earth Pro Map Toolkits

The Ultimate Western Hunt Planning Tool

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  • ​USGS Topography Maps
  • Latest NOHRSC Snow ​ Layer⁠​
  • ​​Current U.S. Fires ⁠​
  • ​​Deer & Elk Units
  • ​​Federal & State Public Lands
  • ​​Private Land Hunting Access ⁠Programs
  • ​​Wilderness Areas
  • ​Historical Fire Perimeters
  • ​​Livestock Grazing Allotments⁠
  • ​​Recreation Features
  • Forest Service Roads
  • ​​Forest Service Trails⁠
  • ​​BLM Roads
  • Migration & Range Data

Two Year Pricing - Starting At Just $19

Six State Bundle Only - $39

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The Treeline Academy has been honored to be a guest on over 60 of hunting’s very best podcasts! 
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Treeline Results Speak For Themselves...

Right Where I Thought He Would Be...

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"Thank you for the help you’ve given me through the Treeline Masterclass and our time at Peax Elk Camp. Many nights of listening to you on the computer and staring at countless hunt area maps led me to where I found this guy. Hate to sound cliche but they were right where I thought they’d be at daylight. Thanks again, brother.


Worth Every Penny...

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"Taking your course really helped with efficiency, I hunted 6 days this year arrowed a bull at 10 feet the first day out, and only took me 5 more days to kill this 190-inch buck and I did it with my kids! The topography routing is one thing that was always something I tried to do but now my hunt plans are not random hunches, experienced behavior of the animals the terrain, and their needs. Your course is worth every penny!⁠"


Great First Bull...

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"Hey Mark! I got my first bull elk this year and wanted to thank you for the information you shared. I signed up for your course about 4 months ago and have also listened to just about every podcast you’ve been on. The info you have shared on E-Scouting and Hunt Planning was a real game changer for me and I would not have been as prepared as I was had it not been for those resources. Just wanted to say thanks for everything, hope your season is going well!"⁠ ⁠ ⁠


Bull Of A Lifetime...

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"Wanted to thank you for creating Treeline Academy. I live in Florida, but my passion is western hunting. I thought I was pretty good at E-Scouting but was humbled after taking your course. I found this bull on opening morning in my number one spot. It’s a bull of a lifetime and wanted to personally thank you for teaching me the theory and e-scouting techniques to make it happen."

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What Do The Western Hunting Experts Say...

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Cody Rich

The Rich Outdoors Podcast | Backcountry Fuel Box

"I have interviewed hundreds of hunters and most of the best big game hunters in the world. The one thing they all have in common is their ability to plan a hunt and their efficiency in the hills. Mark Livesay is hands down the best E-scouting guru I have ever met, and this course will help you layout a game plan that will absolutely take your hunting to the next level.  His course is underpriced and quite possibly the best information ever put together on the topic."

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Ryan Lampers

Western Hunting Summit | Sthealthy Products

"Time is of utmost importance when taking on big hunts each and every season. A detailed Hunt Plan combined with a E-Scouting system is a game changer. Consistent success just doesn’t happen, which is why the Treeline Academy E-Scouting MasterClass is so incredibly helpful when planning an elk hunt. September is short. Prepare, know before you go and eliminate wasting that precious mountain time."

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Brian Barney

Eastmans Elevated Podcast

"Mark Livesay has developed the best comprehensive resource to build a successful hunt plan. He has broken down how to dissect a unit and find productive elk habitat. E-scouting is one of the most crucial skills to learning new spots and this program will take it to a higher level."

100% Guarantee

Nothing To Loose... Everything To Gain

All Treeline Academy courses, come with a 100% no-questions-asked guarantee. It's that simple!  If within the first 30 days and the first 25% of any course. Just let us know and we will issue a full refund. It is that simple!

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The Treeline Academy is here to help the western hunter elevate their skill sets to improve the odds of success.