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The Treeline Academy and Wilderness Ridge Trail Llamas have partnered on this project and are excited to launch their new Llama Packing Course. This course will be available in the spring of 2023.

Llamas are just cool and packing into the backcountry with llamas has surged in popularity! Llamas are extremely smart and incredibly easy to handle. They are the perfect low-impact, backcountry pack animal. They have soft padded, two-toed feet and their natural agility makes them sure-footed and easy on the terrain. Llamas are calm, gentle by nature and great with kids. They make great hiking companions as they walk at a comfortable pace. They are alert and very curious. They have keen senses of smell, hearing, and sight and often alert us to the presence of other animals.

This online course is an end-to-end llama packing educational resource. The course was designed to provide those interested in learning more about llamas as pack animals and for those seeking to rent llamas from our approved llama rental operations listed below.

The course covers all aspects of llama packing and will prepare you for renting or even owning llamas for your backcountry adventures.

The rental operations listed below “REQUIRE” all parties on the trip to successfully complete this online course before embarking on your trip. This course is part of the rental agreement. Once you have taken the llama packing course you are ready to start renting llamas for your outdoor adventures. The operations listed below only require that you take the clinic one time prior to your first rental opportunity.

Each rental operation may have additional requirements. In addition to the online course, most require some further on-site, hands-on training before you head into the backcountry. Please contact your designated rental operation to get the full details and requirements.

Each module includes a short quiz to prove proficiency. After successfully completing the course, you will receive a certificate of completion that can be forwarded to the designated rental operation.

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Wilderness Ridge Traill Llamas offers a full line of rental services out of Idaho Falls, Idaho. They have a huge rental operation and can usually accommodate summer and fall backcountry camping and hunting trips.  

Dates fill fast for this operation so don't delay booking your trips. 

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Treeline Pursuits offers Llama rental services out of Missoula, Montana. This is exciting news for those western Montana adventure seekers. Renting llamas will give you the opportunity to explore the backcountry like never before!

Book your family's summer trip today!

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