What Are The Treeline Google Earth Pro Toolkits?

Treeline Academy is excited to introduce our "NEW" Google Earth Pro Map Data Toolkit Bundle. The Toolkit bundle includes ten western statewide datasets that when installed into Google Earth Pro transform the application into the ultimate E-Scouting and Western Hunt planning tool.

All of the available hunt platforms and applications are great tools, I use them all, but they ALL fall short in some critical areas. The key is to utilize your application(s) of choice alongside Google Earth Pro! If you are not leveraging this winning combination, you are missing out on the best E-Scouting and Hunt Planning arsenals available today!

I’ve spent the past 10 years developing these custom data sets and the last week updating and adding new datasets to the Treeline Academy Google Earth Pro Toolkit Bundle.

If you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced elk hunter and you do ANY level of E-Scouting or Hunt Planning, trust me, you want these Toolkits.

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THE PROBLEM:   The original Google Earth Pro base installation is relatively basic and is limited to aerial imagery. The real power is revealed when you start to feed custom datasets into Google Earth Pro.  Most hunters don't know this is possible, and if they do, they usually fail to grasp the complexity of adding custom data sets to Google Earth. 

THE SOLUTIONOnce this "single file" Treeline Toolkit Bundle file is downloaded and installed, Google Earth Pro is transformed and takes on an entirely new dimension. I have honed and refined these Toolkits over the past decade, and now you can have them with just one click. This Toolkit package was designed specifically for Western hunters.

The Google Earth Pro Toolkit Bundle Is A Complete Online Course

  • Two Full Years Of Access
  • ​Full File Installation Instructions
  • ​Optimizing Google Earth Pro Module
  • ​Complete Toolkit Tutorial
  • ​Version Tracking & Live Data Updates​
  • ​BONUS: The Toolkit Bundle Includes The "New" Spring Bear Data Layer

What Exactly Do You Get?

Included With The Toolkit Bundle... 

  • ​Two Full Years Of Access
  • USGS Topography Map Layer -  covering the entire U.S.
  • ​ Latest NOHRSC Snow Layer Data⁠ -  covering current snow depth, cover, melt, and more
  • current U.S. fires ⁠- with direct links for more information
  • ​current Deer & Elk Unit Boundaries with labels
  • ​Federal and State Public Lands - colorized for each agency type
  • ​State-specific Private Land Hunting Access ⁠programs
  • ​Designated Wilderness Areas - including BLM Wilderness and wilderness study areas in some states
  • ​Historical Fire Perimeters - 1980-Current - This fire data is selectable by individual or groups of years
  • ​ Livestock Grazing Allotments⁠ - including grazing on both forest service and BLM lands
  • ​Recreation Features - including campgrounds, trailheads, and other key recreational features
  • ​Forest Service Roads & Trails -  including open and closed to vehicles and seasonal closure dates and restrictions.
  • BLM Roads – many of the states include roads on some of the BLM lands
  • ​Rivers & Streams - This layer highlights the Rivers & Streams in the State.
  • Species migration and range data - when available
  • Additional data layers - available in some states


  • Network Linked On Amazon Server - Always Have The Most Current Data
  • ​Network Compressed Files - Dramatically  Improves Google Earth Pro Performance
  • Optimizing Google Earth Pro Tutorial
  • Google Earth Keystrokes Module
  • ​Pro Tips For Using Google Earth Pro
  • ​​Toolkit Bundle  Version Tracking - Easy To Keep Toolkits Updated
  • ​ Full Toolkit Tutorial - Step By Step Training On How To Use the Toolkits
  • ​​ Spring Bear Layers  - The  Toolkit Bundle includes The custom Spring Bear Layers
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Ten State Bundle Only $39

(Save $132)

Total Value = $290


The Treeline Academy Toolkit Bundle includes ten western states and now includes a comprehensive set of spring bear analysis tools.

The "NEW" spring bear data set includes direct links to bear harvest statistics for several Western states, along with a complete set of historical and current snow layers that span the entire spring bear season.

When you start planning a spring bear hunt, one of the first and perhaps most important factors to consider is the snow cover, snow depth, and melting progress. Without a solid understanding of these concepts, it’s incredibly difficult to identify and develop a successful Hunt Area. This is especially true in states that experience heavy snow accumulation, such as Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming.

The Spring Bear Toolkit is included at no additional charge in the Treeline Academy Toolkit Bundle.

Free Colorado Google Earth Pro Dataset

Download the current Google Earth Pro Colorado Game Management Units (GMU) with Labels.

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How The Toolkit Membership Works!

The Toolkit Bundle comes as a complete course and includes TWO FULL YEARS  of membership. This means you get access to any new data layer updates or annual Toolkit Bundle releases that occur during the two years of membership.

First Two Toolkit Modules Are Free

  • No Fee To Sign Up
  • ​Full Map Toolkit Introduction
  • ​Detailed Review Of Each Dataset Included With The Toolkits
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What Do The Western Hunting Experts Say

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Cody Rich

The Rich Outdoors Podcast | Backcountry Fuel Box

"I have interviewed hundreds of hunters and most of the best big game hunters in the world. The one thing they all have in common is their ability to plan a hunt and their efficiency in the hills. Mark Livesay is hands down the best E-scouting guru I have ever met, and this course will help you layout a game plan that will absolutely take your hunting to the next level.  His course is underpriced and quite possibly the best information ever put together on the topic."

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Ryan Lampers

Western Hunting Summit | Sthealthy Products

"Time is of utmost importance when taking on big hunts each and every season. A detailed Hunt Plan combined with a E-Scouting system is a game changer. Consistent success just doesn’t happen, which is why the Treeline Academy E-Scouting MasterClass is so incredibly helpful when planning an elk hunt. September is short. Prepare, know before you go and eliminate wasting that precious mountain time."

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Brian Barney

Eastmans Elevated Podcast

"Mark Livesay has developed the best comprehensive resource to build a successful hunt plan. He has broken down how to dissect a unit and find productive elk habitat. E-scouting is one of the most crucial skills to learning new spots and this program will take it to a higher level."

100% Guarantee

Nothing To Loose... Everything To Gain

Like all Treeline Academy courses, these Toolkits comes with a 100% no-questions-asked guarantee. It's that simple!  This Toolkit will change the way you use Google Earth Pro and give you advantages not available with any other product or platform.  If within the first 30 days, you are not happy  just let us know and we will issue a full refund. It is that simple!

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The Treeline Academy is here to help the western hunter elevate their skill sets to improve the odds of success.