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Would you like to dramatically increase your odds of finding more elk?

Welcome to The Treeline Academy "E-Scouting MasterClass."  Like most of you, I eagerly anticipate and cherish the time I get to spend elk hunting each year.   

As elk hunters, we are on a continual search for knowledge to help elevate our elk hunting skill set, and even more importantly, tactics that will help us find more elk.

I spent the first two decades of my elk-hunting career traveling from Missouri to the western states. Planning elk hunts from the Midwest was challenging and certainly still is. This is true regardless of if you are traveling great distances to hunt or if you call one of the western states your home. This experience is the driving force behind the development of this course.

In this day and age, we have access to much more information, but a comprehensive E-Scouting system has not existed until now. 

Realistically, elk inhabit a relatively small portion of the western landscape, and E-Scouting is a critical component when it comes to breaking down Hunt Areas and finding locations that actually hold elk.

This MasterClass is a complete and comprehensive E-Scouting solution, possibly the most definitive resource ever assembled on the subject. I designed this curriculum for both the beginner and the experienced public land, DIY elk hunters. This course is a first-of-it’s-kind and is powered by more than 30 years of elk hunting experience.

Over the past three decades I’ve honed and refined my elk finding system, and now it is time to share that system!

The strategies that I present in this course WILL give you a real advantage when it comes to planning your hunts, developing a Strategic Hunt Plan, and it WILL ultimately improve your odds of finding more elk.

The primary focus of this course is elk hunting with a strong emphasis on archery hunting during the rut. However, most of the techniques and information can be applied across the board to various species and seasons.

The course is designed so that you can work through at your own pace.  The course keeps track of your progress and is organized so you can revisit the modules and content. Once completed, it will become a valuable go-to resource.

Your flat fee membership gives you two full years of access covering you for the next two elk hunting seasons! 

In This Course You Will Learn

Specific and practical E-Scouting tactics and strategies, including the following and much more.....

  • Advanced E-Scouting Techniques & Strategies

  • How To Find And Identify Elk Holding Features

  • How to Evaluate Zones Of Pressure & Trail Usage

  • Determining Limitations & Hunt Parameters

  • Researching and Developing Hunt Areas

  • Planning Travel And Hunt Routes

  • Identifying and Testing Glassing Spots

  • Formulating A Strategic Hunt Plan

  • Maximizing The Full Potential Of Your Mobile Hunting Apps

  • Effectively Utilizing Prime Time Hunting Hours

"I leave no stone unturned. I show you every E-Scouting technique that I use to find my elk hunting spots!"

The Course Includes

The following features are included in the Pro Plan membership.

  • Over 30 On-Demand Video Training Modules

  • 10 Specific Elk Finding Video Segments

  • Mastering Technology Training Tutorials

  • Comprehensive Set Of Resources & Links

  • Member Only Comments & Advice

  • Full Two Year Access = Two Elk Seasons

  • Access To Live & Archived Webinars

"Only those who risk going too far can find out how far they can go."

What Do The Experts Say?

These guys need no introduction!

Cody Rich

The Rich Outdoors Podcast | Backcountry Fuel Box

"I have interviewed hundreds of hunters and most of the best big game hunters in the world. The one thing they all have in common is their ability to plan a hunt and their efficiency in the hills. Mark Livesay is hands down the best E-scouting guru I have ever met, and this course will help you layout a game plan that will absolutely take your hunting to the next level. Unless you have 20 hours a week to spend scouting on foot, your ability to plan a hunt and scout from your computer are critical skills to master. His course is underpriced and quite possibly the best information ever put together on the topic."

Ryan Lampers

Western Hunting Summit, aka The Giant Killer!"

"Time is of utmost importance when taking on big hunts each and every season. A detailed Hunt Plan combined with a E-Scouting system is a game changer. Consistent success just doesn’t happen, which is why the Treeline Academy E-Scouting MasterClass is so incredibly helpful when planning an elk hunt. September is short. Prepare, know before you go and eliminate wasting that precious mountain time."

Brian Barney

Eastmans Elevated

Mark Livesay has developed the best comprehensive resource to build a successful hunt plan. He has broken down how to dissect a unit and find productive elk habitat. E-scouting is one of the most crucial skills to learning new spots and this program will take it to a higher level.

Need More Convincing?

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Mark Livesay is the founder of Treeline Pursuits and the creator of Treeline Academy.  In general, Mark is a “all in” type of person as seen through his triathlon career (10 Ironman finishes), the formation of his event production company Ultramax Sports, and most significantly in his life-long hunting pursuits. 

He spent his first two elk hunting decades traveling from Missouri to the western states. He would definitely qualify as a serial elk hunter, pursuing elk in multiple western states, and spending over 60 days in the remote backcountry each season.  His 30 years of elk hunting have given him a thorough understanding of the challenges associated with E-Scouting and finding elk.

Recently, he has been featured as a guest on a growing list of hunting’s best podcasts, including The Rich Outdoors, Eastmans Elevated, Hunt Harvest Health, The Gritty Podcast, Elk Shape, Backcountry Rookies, Publically Challenged, Shoot'n The Bull, and Interviews With The Hunting Masters. His E-Scouting podcasts on the Rich Outdoors were among the podcast’s most downloaded episodes in 2019. He has published several elk hunting strategy articles and has been invited to present E-Scouting tactics at the Western Hunting Summit the past two years.

Mark and his wife, Amy, moved to Montana in 2016 and have never looked back. They share their Missoula home with their two children, Eli and Emme, and a gaggle of pack llamas. The growing herd of Ccara pack llamas is now a vital part of his public land, do-it-yourself hunting arsenal. 

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Important Course Update:

Like many of you, we were for forced to deal with several issues related to the Covid-19 situation. This has delayed the finishing of the last few modules. Those modules are in the works now and will be completed and uploaded very soon. I will be uploading those modules individually, as they are finished. I will post notes to my Treeline Pursuits Instagram and Facebook Accounts. Below is the status of all the modules:

Treeline Academy E-Scouting MasterClass Course Curriculum
Updated 6/1/2020

The Following 19 Modules Are Online Now!

  1. Welcome To The Course (online)
  2. Course Creator Introduction (online)
  3. How To Use The Course
  4. Realities Of E-Scouting (online)
  5. Understanding Limitations & Expectations (online)
  6. Defining Hunt Parameters (online)
  7. Developing A Strategic Hunt Plan
  8. The Tools Of The Trade (online)
  9. Mastering Google Earth Pro (online)
  10. Mastering The GaiaGPS Application (online)
  11. Mastering On X Hunt (online)
  12. Exporting, Importing & Data Management (online)
  13. State, Method, Research & Application Strategy (online)
  14. The Basic Needs Of Elk (online)
  15. Identifying Core Hunt Areas (online)
  16. Establishing The Zones Of Pressure (online)
  17. Elk Finding Concepts Introduction (online)
  18. Evaluating Access Point & Established Trail Use (online)
  19. Meadows & Feeding Zones (online)
  20. Canyons, Creeks & Drainages (online)
  21. Fire Zones, Logging Areas (online)


The Remaining 10 Modules Are In Development And Will Be Online Soon!

  1. Sparse Timber & Beetle Kill Zones 
  2. Benches and Slopes 
  3. Travel Corridors, Saddles, & Funnels 
  4. Water Sources, & Wallows 
  5. Finding & Identifying Glassing Spots 
  6. Late Season Tactics
  7. Utilizing Markup Data
    1. E-Scouting Campsite Locations
    2. Planning & Marking Hunt and Travel Routes

  8. Resources, Links & Tool
  9. Bonus: Monthly Webinar Archive

Member Reviews

5 star rating

I am completely blown away!

Lucas Oswald

I am completely blown away by the knowledge that is given in this course! I have been going about this the wrong way. The last hunt I went on I had no plan, ...

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I am completely blown away by the knowledge that is given in this course! I have been going about this the wrong way. The last hunt I went on I had no plan, saw no elk and had no idea where I was going to hunt each day! The feeling of defeat is real and takes over. With this course I will definitely be better prepared and always have a plan to rely on.

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5 star rating


Nathan Nelson

This course has been by far the worth every penny it cost . There is no way I would have ever figured out all this info on my own . Thanks for all the work...

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This course has been by far the worth every penny it cost . There is no way I would have ever figured out all this info on my own . Thanks for all the work you put into it !

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5 star rating

E-Scouting MasterClass

jesse jones

Awesome content, some really good informative nuggets

Awesome content, some really good informative nuggets

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5 star rating

So far so good.

Todd Baltzley

I know this will really help with the details of having a great plan. I am methodically going through from start to finish. My normal way would be to skip ...

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I know this will really help with the details of having a great plan. I am methodically going through from start to finish. My normal way would be to skip to what i want, I am fighting doing it because i want the outcome to be ownership of a plan. Thanks Mark.

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